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Ostinato drumming
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Quick motivation builder pure and simple
"W,I,F,M" What's, In'it ,For, Me.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step."

So what do you want to do?

If you don't have a clear idea of what you trying to do in the first place,
you will be unable to set goals to achieve it

What are you prepared to do to achieve this goal?

We all want to be the best we can be,
but that means consistant work towards a goal.
A long term commitment.

How long are you prepared to work for this goal?

If your aim is to get there regardless.
How long it takes and how difficult does not matter anymore.

What motivates us the most?

c/or success?

Well all of these are big motivators.
But all but ( c )are healthy or constructive.

With pressure as a motivator.

The dead line becomes the target not the original idea.
if your set time limit expires you feel that you have failed.

With fear as a motivator.

Eg,I have to lean all this stuff that everyone else can do or I will feel inadequate.
All this leads to is reinforcing the fear!
every time you fail it's im useless I cant do this.

With success as a motivator.

Each goal is an incentive to move forward to the next challenge.
Nothing feels better than a result for the work put in.

Ho yeh right.But I cant do it! So how can I feel this positive
motivation ,I just get kicked in the teeth

I feel this is down to goals.

Are you ready to go mountain climbing ?

So you say "im going to climb that mountain!"
and off you go,1/16th of the way up you say
"I cant do this it's too far".
So you go home "I have failed".

You re-think it and say,"One day ill climb that mountain!"
And one day never comes,you have just put it off.
"I have failed"

So you re-think it again
"I have a plan,today ill get all my gear sorted for the climb".
(you sort out your gear) "success!".

The day after you say
"Today ill drive up to that mountain and set up my tent!".
(you drive and set up your tent)"success!"

The next day
"Today I start to climb!" but then it rains..
you are forced back to the tent.....
"Not as planed but tomorrow ill try again!".

The next day,the sun is out off you go....
it's hard going but by the end of the day
you look down on your tent from a new height,"(success!)"

You are a full 12 feet above where you were yesterday,,,,
"Its not allot but Im still going upwards,
and tomorrow I will try again".

There maybe days where the rain is hard
and Ill have to put the tent up! but I am on my way....

So what I'm on about in a "Mountainous way"
is lots of small succsess are better than trying for one massive one,
and the little steps get you the same place in the end
with less slips,
so don't rush it and fall!

Mind games

Try this;
When you come across a difficult pattern,
don't let your sub-conscious know it!,,,

Don't say "Wow! That's really hard to do."
Say "hmmm Now that's an interesting pattern to work on".

If you think its impossible or possible
your sub-conscious mind will try it's best to agree with you!

I'm off now to try and believe all of the above !!